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dotNot even the Nancy Kerrigan-Tonya Harding fiasco a couple years ago could dampen the popularity of figure skating. It's one of the most watched sports on television and it's a hobby enjoyed by many.

Whether you do a double lutz at your local hockey rink or turn a triple Salchow on a frozen pond, figure skating is good exercise and a lot of fun.

dotBefore skates as we know them today were invented, our ancestors had an interest in ice skating, though more likely for hunting and traveling than for entertainment and sport.

Ribs or shinbones of animals were bound to the feet. Skaters glided by using a spiked stick to propel themselves. Later, iron or steel blades were introduced.

In the mid-19th century, curved steel skates contributed to figure skating as we now know it. Then, in 1896 the first world championship for male figure skating was held. The first time that the world saw figure skating in the Olympic Games was in 1908.

dotStacey Woods has been a figure skater for most of the 25 years of her life. She has been involved in a variety of clubs, and is also a coach. "Over the years, I have seen interest and enrollment in figure skating remain steady," says Woods.

Damon Allen is an international competitor from the U.S. He has been involved with skating for 19 years.

He has some predictions. "I think that the introduction of the quadruple jump has been very important in figure skating, in men's competition especially," he says. A quadruple jump is when the skater turns four times in the air.

"I also think people are becoming more aware of figure skating and it will continue to grow as a spectator sport."

Getting Started

dotFigure skating can be an expensive hobby. The costs vary depending on how involved you become.

The very least you will need is a pair of skates, along with skate guards. There are always used skates around. This is the way to start if you're not sure that you will stick with it.

dotFor figure skaters who are quite active, skates can cost anywhere from a couple hundred to a thousand dollars. Many skaters buy the blade and the boot separately, and then pay to have them mounted.

dotIf you want to look the part, a figure skating dress and tights for women, or skating pants for men, are the general uniform. If you look around, these items can usually be purchased used as well.

dotBeginners may want to consider wearing a helmet, as well as knee pads. For jumpers, there are pads that attach to your rear end to protect you in a fall. Unfortunately, it won't protect your pride.

dotTravel costs for competitions, club memberships, ice time and coaching are other ways that figure skaters spend their money.

dotFor beginners, Woods offers the following tips: don't look at your feet, keep your arms out to your sides, bend your knees, take your time and relax.

It is a good idea to take a basic learn-to-skate program to get the foundation you need for more advanced skating.

dotWoods says that common injuries in figure skating tend to be to the arms or legs, and they are usually jump-related. "I've seen arms and legs broken, twisted knees. A person will be skating along and fall or fall from a jump and something breaks."

dotSkating is a physically demanding sport and a good way to exercise. Strong leg muscles, balance and good posture are all assets to a figure skater. As well, it gets your heart pumping and you get a great cardio workout.

dotIf you are passionate about figure skating, why not consider these occupations? You might even be able to do these part time while you are in school.

Figure skating coach: With proper training and certification, you could shape the lives of future generations of skaters. A coach is usually paid in 15- to 30-minute intervals.

Choreographer: If you have an eye for the artistic, and are able to put moves to music, you could help figure skaters to arrange their routines.

Salesperson: Help figure skaters to find just the right skate, the perfect costume or the latest knee pads. A knowledgeable salesperson is an asset to any business.


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