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dotGolf caddies aid players on the golf course in a number of different ways. Of course, they carry and pass clubs to the golfer. They also help make decisions about approach shots and what clubs to use. They estimate yardage and help assess potential putts.

Before getting out on the course, a caddy also checks over and cleans the player's equipment. They will also walk the course to measure yardage, get a feel for the terrain and figure out how to read the greens.

dotCaddies also help boost a player's confidence and make them feel at ease on the golf course.

dotSome caddies form long-term relationships with a player and are employed solely by this golfer. They travel with the same golfer to all tournaments.

Caddies can also work on contract. At the beginning of a tournament, a professional player often hires a caddy to use for the three days. After the tournament, the contract is complete.

In addition, some golf courses hire caddies or allow them to work as independent contractors on their course. In this case, any players on the course can hire a caddy to assist them for the afternoon. Sometimes called runners, these caddies can even help people who decide to use carts. Runners suggest clubs to use, replace divots and retrieve lost balls.

dotA caddy has to work irregular hours and be available on weekends. Long hours may be put in during a tournament.

dotA caddy must be in good physical shape and be able to carry a bag of clubs around an entire golf course. "You must be able to stay organized and carry heavy objects," says Dennis College. He is a Pennsylvania-based professional caddy on the LPGA tour.

At a Glance

Be a golfer's aide

  • You have to be willing to work irregular hours, including weekends
  • Part of a caddy's job is to boost a golfer's confidence
  • Some colleges and universities offer golf management programs