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dotEnergy rebalancers are also known as therapeutic touch practitioners, healing touch practitioners, Reiki masters or spiritual healers. Many practitioners combine different healing techniques. They use their life energy to heal another person in a non-invasive form of therapy. It's not necessary to physically touch clients.

"Therapeutic touch is a non-invasive healing modality," says practitioner Linda Sampson. "Utilizing the practitioner's hands and the client's electromagnetic field or aura, differences are detected and then modulated until a balance is found by the practitioner's hands."

dotWhy use energy rebalancing? Some people strongly believe that the body can heal itself without the help of drugs or conventional medical treatments. "Alternative medicine focuses on a holistic approach," says Becky Schindler, owner of an aromatherapy business. "I can help clients with depression, stress, muscle aches and coughs and colds."

"The goal of the session is to help the client achieve a state of balance, physically, emotionally, mentally and hopefully spiritually," says practitioner Ann Hollingsworth.

dotMany practitioners are self-employed, so they must add business administration to their list of responsibilities. Outside of seeing patients, self-employed practitioners must market their business to prospective clients, handle bookkeeping and pay taxes.

They work in chiropractic offices, natural health clinics and private offices. Therapeutic touch is often used in the nursing profession. It can be performed in hospices, public health facilities and medical facilities.

dotSelf-employed rebalance practitioners have the luxury of choosing their own schedule. They may have to work evenings and weekends to accommodate their busy clients. "I work an average of four to five days a week, one to four hours a day," reports Sue Huddleston, certified massage therapist in Colorado.

dotA massage table and hands are all a practitioner needs. Some use computers to keep their books in order. "My tools are my hands and my mental intuitive and psychic abilities. Occasionally, a massage table or chair is required. Some practitioners also use oils, music, lights and incense in combination with the energy transference," says Rich Havas, a spiritual counselor in Denver.

Rebalance practitioners stand most of the day. It's also important to be healthy and spiritually grounded. "For therapeutic touch, you must be healthy. If not, you can send unhealthy energy into a client's energy field and they may also acquire the illness," says Schindler.

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Use life energy to heal others

  • A massage table and hands are all a practitioner needs
  • They're also called therapeutic touch practitioners, Reiki masters or spiritual healers
  • Get certified credentials