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dotWhat to Expect

Students in paralegal programs learn to do research and other tasks for lawyers. There's a lot to learn.

Judith Armstrong says the paralegal program she took covered a wide range of subjects. "The program I took involved all areas of law in which a paralegal is authorized to practice," says Armstrong. "It covered system, contract, tort, landlord and tenant, civil, criminal, administrative tribunal, immigration...and some family law."

In addition to the time spent in the classroom, Armstrong estimates she spent between 17 and 20 hours per week doing homework.

How to Prepare

Armstrong says high school students should visit a local law office to see if it's a career that might interest them.

"Quite a few lawyers offer one half-hour of free consultation, and students could avail themselves of this to get some insight as to whether they would like the field," says Armstrong.

"Also, attend court as a visitor and watch cases being heard. This is also very useful as a guide."

Although her schooling was tough, Armstrong feels anyone willing to take on the challenge will be rewarded.

"One has to be dedicated, love the law and work very hard to achieve success," she says. "This is not an easy program. If it is what a student wants, it will be a rewarding and uplifting program, with self-esteem and confidence being the biggest rewards other than those monetary."