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dotPersonnel recruiters (also called personnel consultants, headhunters, executive searchers or placement workers) are generally hired by companies to find them qualified employees. They interview the employer to find out about the specifics of a job position and to negotiate the fee for finding such a candidate.

After this interview, personnel recruiters look for the perfect candidate to fill a job opening. They review resumes and interview applicants to get their work history, training, education and job skills. They also do reference and background checks of applicants.

They may go out of the office looking for that special person. That may mean arranging college visits or setting up individual interviews with future graduates.

dotInterviewing is an important skill for personnel recruiters. They need to be able to get an accurate idea of what an employer is looking for in a candidate. They also need to be able to interview job applicants.

dotPersonnel recruiters don't find work for every type of employee. They tend to locate executives for management positions and find office professionals such as accountants, engineers and secretaries.

They also find jobs for technical, legal and human resource professionals, and for those working in advertising and telecommunications industries.

dotPersonnel recruiters tend to work regular office hours. "I would say around the office, people come in at 8:30 a.m. and leave at 5:30 p.m.," says David Spry, a personnel recruiter. "Because it's commission-based, some can work longer hours."

dotA person with physical challenges could do this job. "There is an occasional need to visit a client or to travel but that can be accommodated," says Marti Stites. He is a personnel recruiter in Berkeley, California.

At a Glance

Find the right employee for a company

  • Recruiters' clients tend to be employers, not job seekers
  • They find jobs for managers and other professionals
  • A degree isn't necessary, but most recruiters have one