Golf Club Manager  What They Do

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dotGolf course managers take care of the business end of the golf course. They're responsible for budgets, hiring, personnel supervision, strategic planning, marketing and overseeing the general operation of the facility. They may also oversee food and beverage services.

dotWayne Schweitzer is the coordinator of a golf club management and operations program. "Normally, the general manager is in charge of the business side of the operation. The pro looks after lessons, tournaments, [and] the shop. Often, the pro reports to a greens committee, and the club manager reports to another committee. The golf superintendent is in charge of everything that is green, everything that grows. In smaller golf courses, one person might do it all!"

dotManagers are employed in public golf courses, at private clubs or at resort courses. Some private facilities are owner-managed. Managers aren't required to be golfers themselves, although many are. All certified professionals must pass a skill competency test to qualify.

At a Glance

Make sure the greens earn some green

  • Competition for management positions is very stiff
  • You'll look after budgets, marketing and more
  • Management and superintendent programs are available at community colleges and universities