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dotDoor attendants (popularly known as doormen) work for upscale hotels, fancy apartment buildings and clubs. These establishments hire doormen for a number of reasons.

One is security. Doormen have to keep an eye out for people who do not belong, or who may cause trouble. Another is to handle deliveries. Doormen may also have to handle money if they work for a nightclub.

dotBut the main reason that establishments hire doormen is to project an image of professional and personal service. The doorman is the first and last person you will meet during your stay at a hotel or club.

"Basically, you are a greeter and a helper," says John Tomko. He has been a doorman at a hotel in Pittsburgh since 1959. "You are trying to make people feel comfortable and at ease."

So a doorman does much more than swing open doors. "Basically, the doorman is an ambassador for the hotel," says Stacey Bradshaw. She is a human resources coordinator for a five-star hotel.

dotWorking hours vary significantly. Evening and night work is common. Dianne Scott is a doorperson at a club in Austin, Texas. She says her day begins at half past 9 at night, and does not end until well past 2 in the morning when the last drinks are served. Weekend work is also common in this field.

And if you want to become a doorman, you must be able to endure every type of weather. That's because you will spend a lot of time outdoors. And since you spend so much time outdoors, you may be exposed to high amounts of urban pollution.

dotYou must be physically strong if you want to work as a doorman, says Bradshaw. That's because you may have to lift and carry a heavy piece of luggage. And that may not be the only heavy object you have to carry around.

If you work in a club or a bar, you may have to use physical force against guests who act inappropriately. And most club and bar owners will probably not hire you if they feel like you cannot handle yourself in a fight. That means that this profession is not really accessible to people with physical disabilities.

dotThe physical nature of this job and its potential for violence also means that there are not many women in the field.

At a Glance

Greet people in front of hotels and other establishments

  • Hotels, clubs and apartment buildings hire door attendants to project an image of professional and personal service
  • You must be able to lift heavy suitcases or break up fights
  • No formal education is required for this career