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dotA professional organizer goes into a home or office and organizes desks, drawers, closets, bedrooms, attics or garages -- anything that gets cluttered. This organization usually includes throwing out anything that isn't needed. The organizer also teaches techniques for maintaining control once a room is "de-cluttered."

Organizing a home or office includes setting up filing systems and space-saving systems. Organizers remove clothing, papers, books, magazines and other types of clutter that are no longer being used.

dotMany professional organizers work from home. Their daily tasks also include bookkeeping, marketing, scheduling and other tasks associated with owning a business.

dotAlthough organizers work from home, they must go into clients' homes or offices to help organize their lives. This means they must be comfortable with meeting different types of people and working in different types of environments.

dotProfessional organizers can set their own schedules and determine the hours they are willing to work. But for full-time organizers, the average workday lasts about nine hours. For some, however, those hours vary widely.

dotOrganizing a home or office often requires the ability to be able to lift up to 75 pounds and to put things on shelves above your head. It may also require the ability to be on your feet for long periods of time.

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  • You have to be comfortable in lots of different environments
  • Daily tasks include bookkeeping, marketing and scheduling
  • A business education is a good place to start