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dotDepending on the setting, a soccer coach may be required to do a whole lot more than plan game strategy and manage practice sessions. At the university level, they may also be expected to supervise an assistant coach, design team promotions, handle recruiting and even be an assistant coach for a secondary sport or teach physical education courses.

dotSoccer coaches must teach two levels of skills to their players. The first level involves teaching individual expertise in dribbling, shielding, passing, receiving and shooting. The second level covers team tactics.

dotSoccer coaches are needed in school settings, private clubs and camps, as well as those settings where coaches themselves want to refine their skills.

Usually, coaches are not self-employed. They work at the lower levels for a relatively low wage, and often need to supplement their incomes with side jobs, particularly if their coaching positions are only part time.

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  • Coaches are needed in school settings, private clubs and camps
  • They teach individual expertise and team tactics
  • You should get a bachelor's degree in physical education or kinesiology