High School Drama Teacher  What They Do

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dotDrama teachers teach subjects such as acting, directing, playwriting, physical theater, musical theater and improvisation (known as improv).

In addition to teaching classes, drama teachers develop assignments, assist in curriculum development, correct papers and assess students. They also participate in out-of-classroom activities, attend staff meetings, meet with parents and serve on committees. Many drama teachers produce live theater productions.

dotTami Dowler-Coltman is the principal of an arts school. She says good drama teachers must participate in professional development and keep themselves current on theater trends. "It's important to keep learning the craft and to keep asking questions and to connect with people in the community," she says.

Drama teachers network within the community, she adds. "No teacher knows everything there is to know about all aspects of theater," she says. "So it's important to build a network of experts you can call upon to visit your class or help in some way."

dotMichael McGarty is the drama director at Bromfield School in Massachusetts. He says a person with a physical disability could work as a drama teacher, provided the school is accessible.

However, McGarty doesn't believe a person with a severe sight impairment could teach drama. Drama teachers have to be able to see what the students are doing.

At a Glance

Teach students the art of performance

  • Many drama teachers also direct live performances
  • If you don't know enough about a certain area, you can call on help from the community
  • You'll need to be trained as a teacher