Courses to Take

The 2005 Oklahoma Legislature passed SB 982, also known as the ACE College Preparatory/Work Ready Curriculum, mandating a default college preparatory/work ready curriculum beginning with students graduating from high school in 2010. The default curriculum is aligned with the 2010 Oklahoma's Promise curriculum, and the legislation requires that all courses within the curriculum be approved for college admission. The subject names below are linked to more detailed course requirements.

Public Colleges & Universities

Below are the courses you must take if you want to go to an Oklahoma state college or university. If you enter the job market after high school, these courses will also help you prepare for on-the-job success.

Course Requirements for Oklahoma State Colleges and Universities
English 4 units grammar, composition and literature
Math 3 units Algebra I, Algebra II, geometry, math analysis, trigonometry, pre-calculus (must have completed geometry and Algebra II), calculus, statistics and probability, and Advanced Placement statistics
Laboratory Science 3 units biology, chemistry, physics or any lab science certified by school district; general science courses don't qualify
History and Citizenship Skills 3 units must include 1 unit of American history and 2 units from the subjects of history, economics, geography, government, civics and/or non-Western culture
Other 2 units from any of the subjects listed above or from computer science or foreign language
TOTAL 15 units

Suggestion for Success: Colleges and universities also recommend, but do not require, that you take an additional unit in math, an additional unit in lab science and two units in speech or fine arts (music, art, drama).

Note: Requirements may change, and they may be different for independent (private) colleges and universities. Check with your school counselor for full details.

For more information on Oklahoma public college and university admission standards, email or call the Student Information Hotline at (800) 858-1840 (225-9239 in Oklahoma City).