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BBC - Languages - Spanish

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En Espanol, por favor!

Find all you need to learn Spanish on this website!

This exceptional site by BBC offers Spanish instruction for beginners and intermediates. Explore the guide to Spanish with a few facts about the Spanish language. Where is Spanish spoken? How hard is it to learn? Know any good Spanish jokes? Or, get started with a few easy Spanish words and phrases.

Sign up for a step-by-step interactive course to learn Spanish. It's complete with weekly e-mail tips and encouragement. Or, take an interactive video course, explore the "Cool Spanish" section -- a guide to young Spanish people's slang, or try out the Spanish crosswords.

Along the way, you'll have access to grammar tips and a vocabulary list. The site also includes a helpful link to a Spanish dictionary (English-to-Spanish and Spanish-to-English).

Check in daily for the phrase of the day. You can also test your Spanish or watch Spanish TV.