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Site Review lets you learn about some of history's biggest events and people -- right from the source. Drawing on material from the world's libraries and museums, this site links to primary sources, including legal documents, diaries, maps and photos.

You can learn about the Titanic through original photos and maps, for example, or watch a silent movie of Wilbur Wright demonstrating an early flight. The section on history of slavery in America doesn't just give statistics and dates; it links to transcripts of interviews and journal accounts. As a result, events come alive in a way that many history textbooks can never accomplish.

One of the most interesting sections is called Flicks. Here, you get the real background on the stories behind the movies. Want to know more about Erin Brockovich's battles? Wondering how historically accurate A Knight's Tale is? Need to know what forces created the Perfect Storm? This site is designed to present you with the info you need to make some of your own discoveries, so you can look at a satellite picture of that perfect storm developing instead of getting a third-hand account.

If you have a favorite historical story you'd like to know more about, there's a place to submit suggestions.