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Secrets of the SAT

Site Review

Do you think the SAT is an infallible test of how smart you really are? Think again. The PBS investigative series Frontline found some things about the SAT that may disturb you.

This site examines the issues explored in the Frontline episode, and you can even participate. Check out the profiles of five applicants to the University of California at Berkeley, and decide how you would rank them. Then see who was admitted based on high school grades, SAT scores, extracurricular activities and an admissions essay.

The site also offers a history of the SAT, a discussion forum where you can read about others' SAT experiences, and interviews with people in favor of and people opposed to the SAT.

This site may not help boost your SAT score, but it will certainly give you a better understanding of how SATs work, how important they are to college admission, and their strengths and weaknesses.