Treaty Negotiator  What They Do

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dotTreaty negotiators are the people who facilitate the creation and signing of a treaty.

dotTreaty negotiators can be native or non-native people working for the government, for treaty commissions or for native bands. They can be part-time or full-time employees. Or they can work as private consultants.

A treaty negotiator generally works an eight-hour workday. However, work can run later if there is an impasse in talks, or if an area of discussions needs to be wrapped up. Meetings can also be held in the evenings or on weekends.

dotTreaty negotiators work in offices and also must travel to meetings, conferences and to sites chosen for treaty negotiations. During the process, the hours can be long and travel can be frequent.

At a Glance

Help create and finalize agreements

  • You can work as an employee or as a private consultant
  • Negotiators sometimes have to travel
  • You'll likely need a university education