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dotMergers and acquisitions (M and A) usually encompass far more than just the financial aspect. But mergers and acquisitions financial specialists are key players in the deal. They negotiate the sale and ensure that all parties involved come away from the deal happy.

In addition, the M and A specialists are responsible for ensuring that all financial areas of the deal are in order.

dotIt is important to note that M and A financial specialists are not accountants. Accountants ensure the accuracy of all financial information. M and A specialists simply oversee that activity.

dotM and A financial specialists can work for either the buyer or the seller. When working for the buyer, they perform due diligence (that means they investigate) to make sure the business is viable and is represented accurately in the financial paperwork.

They also work to make sure that the buyer gets exactly what they expect to receive for their investment.

When working for the seller, M and A specialists spend time making sure all paperwork is in order. They negotiate with both the buyer and the seller to make sure that goals are reached for both parties. Those goals could be financial, or they could be product-related.

dotThe average workday varies. For example, if the specialist is in the middle of negotiations or researching a deal, days might be longer and overtime might be required. However, that is not the case all the time.

dotThere are no special physical requirements for M and A financial specialists. However, the stress factor is very high in this career.

"The mergers and acquisitions business is very confrontational," says Bob Brauns. He is a mergers and acquisitions financial specialist. "Sometimes you're negotiating with several different entities and your client, all at one time. Some people love that conflict, and those are the people who do the best in this job."

At a Glance

Make sure the financials are in order

  • You can work for either the buyer or the seller
  • This is a high-stress career
  • Get a good basis in business and finance