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dotAlso known as "headhunters," technical recruiters are employment specialists. The goal of a technical recruiter is to bring together employers seeking qualified candidates with individuals who have the appropriate skills. What sets them apart from other personnel consultants is that they deal only with positions requiring specific technical skills, such as computer programming or database administration.

dotMost technical recruiters handle positions in the field of information technology (basically, anything to do with computers). A few work in more science-oriented fields such as engineering and geology. Because they specialize in one area, recruiters are able to maintain a database of candidates skilled in this field.

dotTypically, technical recruiters work for a personnel agency specializing in this type of hiring. Their job is twofold: to persuade employers to rely on their people-finding expertise, and to find skilled individuals to fill the job openings.

But some recruiters are hired by larger firms whose ongoing need for experienced people is so great that they keep a permanent number of technical recruiters on staff. These individuals concentrate on the employee-based side of recruiting: finding, interviewing and recommending qualified candidates to the firm's human resources department.

dot A technical recruiter must possess excellent communication skills. "Relationship building is important," says technical recruiter Ivan Hnatiuk. He spends his days on the telephone, marketing his services to employers and seeking out qualified employees.

dotBesides verbal communication skills, a gift for clear and concise writing is also helpful. Technical recruiters must write up proposals for employers explaining why they believe a certain applicant would be right for this job. "We must present a candidate to an employer in a meaningful way," says Hnatiuk.

Networking is a time-consuming process, so it's not surprising that time management is a top priority for technical recruiters. "Goal planning is important," says Hnatiuk. "I can't possibly be doing everything I need to do in a day, so I must prioritize."

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Match technical workers with job openings

  • A technical recruiter must possess excellent communication skills
  • Most work for personnel agencies, but some work in-house at large corporations
  • There is no one set path to becoming a technical recruiter