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dotMotorcycle mechanics perform scheduled maintenance on bikes to ensure that they are safe and in the best condition possible.

If there is a mechanical problem, or a problem with a bike's electrical system, a motorcycle mechanic diagnoses it. They then repair, adjust or replace the defective part or parts. Mechanics may also overhaul a motorcycle.

Sometimes they may do minor body repairs.

Motorcycle mechanics generally specialize in a specific type of motorcycle. This is particularly true for those who work in dealerships. That's because they only service the makes and models that they sell.

People in this field generally work in well-lit and ventilated repair shops.

A dealership is usually the starting point for someone going into this profession. "When they have some experience as a journeyman, other opportunities open up," says Dwight Osterhout. He is an instructor of mechanics.

For example, they may work for distributors, such as Honda or Yamaha. They may teach motorcycle mechanics or open their own repair shops.

Motorcycle mechanics usually work a 40-hour week.

Just the Facts

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Repair and maintain bikes

  • Motorcycle mechanics usually work a 40-hour week
  • You might have to do minor body repairs
  • You learn a lot on the job