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dotEndocrinologists deal with endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders are conditions stemming from the over- or under-production of hormones from an endocrine gland. There are 11 endocrine glands in the human body.

Among the most common illnesses associated with endocrine disorders are diabetes and hypothyroidism. People with hormonal imbalances can face obesity, fertility problems and even heart disease and cancer.

Endocrinology is a vitally important part of medicine. Diabetes is so common, it affects five to 10 percent of the U.S. population. And the disease's mortality rate is alarmingly high. Yet endocrinologists can help many diabetics control the disease with medication and proper diet.

Endocrinologists work in private practice or in hospitals.

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Diagnose and treat problems with hormone production

  • These doctors can work in private practice or in hospitals
  • Those in the field say the job market is good
  • You'll need to get your MD, then specialize