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dotImmigration lawyers help individuals move to a different country, or stay in the one they're in.

They also work with private companies who want to bring in workers from other countries, or establish branch plants.

They work for governments, corporations, nonprofit groups and private law practices. They also work for themselves.

dotThe physical requirements of this career are minimal. It is accessible for people with physical disabilities.

"There are certainly opportunities for people with some physical disabilities," says Elizabeth Bryson. She is an immigration lawyer.

dotWorking hours for immigration lawyers are long and can vary significantly. "Most immigration lawyers who are working hard are cranking out over 50 to 60 hours a week," says immigration lawyer Zool Suleman.

Courts are not in session on weekends. But immigration lawyers spend a lot of their weekends preparing for upcoming cases.

And they may have to work during unusual hours of the day or the night if their clients live in a faraway time zone, Suleman says. "The odds are you are going to work late nights a lot."

Immigration lawyers may also travel a considerable amount, he says.

At a Glance

Deal with the details of helping people get settled

  • Be prepared to put in a lot of overtime to get ready for court
  • You can work for governments, corporations, nonprofit groups or in private practice
  • You'll need a law degree