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dotBusiness developers in the biotechnology industry direct and find markets for research. They make sure companies have the money to develop better foods, crops and medicines.

Obviously biotechnology is important, but the actual research and design isn't enough. The new ideas must be developed so that the world market knows about them and can have access to them. That's where biotechnology business developers come in.

dotBusiness developers understand the scientific background of the products that are being developed. They transmit those ideas to potential customers and business associates.

"Most of my time is spent evaluating technologies and developing business around these technologies," says John Christensen. He works for an agricultural biotechnology organization. "My work includes anything and everything used to develop a successful business."

dotA biotechnology business developer creates new business partnerships, looks after company financing, facilitates joint ventures with other companies and negotiates.

They're in constant contact with company scientists to cultivate their ideas and find ways to develop and market them. They usually work for private industry, large educational institutions or research centers.

dotThe U.S. is a world leader in the field of biotechnology.

dotAs with any job in the biotechnology industry, the hours are long. "I work a lot more than 40 hours," says biotechnology business developer Ben Sutton.

dotBiotechnology business development isn't physically strenuous. "It's mostly mental and communication work," says Christensen. People with handicaps may have some difficulty when travel is required to visit with clients.

At a Glance

Generate business and funds for biotech companies

  • Skilled professionals are highly sought after
  • You'll be in constant contact with scientists
  • A university degree focusing on advanced sciences is required