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Public Colleges and Universities College Placement

After you've been accepted to an Oklahoma state college or university, your academic advisor will help you get a good start by ensuring you enroll in the right courses for your skill or knowledge level. Your ACT subject test scores in science, mathematics, reading and English will be reviewed. If you scored a 19 or better on a subject test, you'll be placed in a credit-earning course for that subject area.

If you scored below 19 on a subject test, you may undergo additional testing in an area or the college or university may look at additional factors such as your high school GPA. If these measures show you're ready for college-level work, you'll be placed in a credit-earning course. If the test indicates you're not ready, you'll be placed in a college course with additional support such as mandatory tutoring or lab time.

It is important to note that institutions may require higher ACT subject scores for admission. As with other college admission issues, please consult with your college advisor prior to enrollment at a particular college.

For more information on college placement, email or call the Student Information Hotline at 800.858.1840.

Independent (Private) Colleges and Universities

Placement policies may differ for independent (private) colleges and universities (not tax supported, nonprofit). Check with the institution you wish to attend for additional information.