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Grade 8

University of Oklahoma, Norman
Starship: Exploration
June 25-30

This academy will give 30 students a taste of solar system exploration through a series of hands-on learning opportunities. The combination of classroom instruction, field experiences and flight time in a Piper Warrior III airplane will offer students an experience that cannot be duplicated. Subject areas such as physics, space exploration, aeronautics, buoyancy and engineering will be woven together to ignite the imagination and inspire each student to explore the possibilities.

Contact: Cassie Eads, Pre-Collegiate Programs, 405.325.6897,, or visit



Grades 8-9

Murray State College
2017 MSC Summer College STEM Academy
June 5-9

This academy will provide opportunities for hands-on activities that will help build interest and promote development in the STEM-related fields. The academy seeks to recruit those participants who have expressed and/or demonstrated an interest to learn more in a science-, technology-, engineering- or math-related field of study. Through work-based learning experiences including robotics, field trips, forensics, DNA extraction, rocketry and laboratory work, the academy directors hope to instill a love for STEM-related subjects while also promoting the possible career pathways in STEM-related disciplines.

Contact: Malynda Cobb, 580.387.7101,, or visit

Oral Roberts University
A Hands-On Program in Mathematics and Science
June 5-9

This academy will provide opportunities for developing skills to learn mathematics and science. Mathematical activities will include code-breaking cryptology and fractal-pattern recognition. Science experiences will include field trips, real-world technologies, rocketry and laboratory work, where students will seek to understand the natural world. The use of problem-solving ideas and project-based learning will integrate these mathematics and science experiences.

Contact: Dr. John Matsson, 918.495.6935,

East Central University
You Are What You Eat: Isolation and Analysis of Proteins, Carbohydrates, and Lipids in the Biochemistry Laboratory
June 12-16

This academy is a one-week residential program in which participants will perform analytical tests in a biochemistry laboratory focusing on three major classes of biomolecules: proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. The relation of these biomolecules to nutrition will be emphasized, as well as modern analytical techniques.

Contact: Dr. Charles Crittell,, or Dr. Daniel McInnes,

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma
Where Does Our Food Come From and How Did It Get There?
Session 1: June 19-23
Session 2: June 26-30

This academy targets students entering eighth or ninth grade who are interested in STEM topics and food. The academy will follow the progress of food from the garden to the kitchen to the pantry for a rainy day. Attendees will learn the science behind the carbonation of bread, nutrients available in food and the presence of proteins in fish samples; go on trips to local farms and food processing plants; and enjoy food-based games and movies as well as mentoring for high school and college.

Contact: Dr. Jeannette Loutsch, 405.574.1325,, or download an application at

The University of Tulsa, School of Urban Education
Technology Education and Collaborative (TEC)
July 10-15

This residential technology academy is for students interested in GPS and related digital technologies. Students will use handheld GPS receivers for data collection at TU and during field trips and then process the data to create interactive GIS maps. Digital cameras/camcorders will be used for MovieMaker, data from the Internet will be used in Excel, chat rooms and journaling will be done with WebCT, GPS scavenger hunts and geo-caches will use ArcVoyager, and presentations will be done in PowerPoint and Comic Life.

Contact: Dr. David Brown, 918.631.2719, or visit



Grades 8-10

Cameron University, Lawton
Science Detectives Summer Academy: Heredity at the DNA Level
May 22-26

This academy will provide student "scientists" with the opportunity to better understand the biology involved in forensic investigation. Students will collect evidence from a mock crime scene and learn how to process fingerprints, analyze hair samples, perform ABO blood typing and complete DNA analysis (isolation - examination). Skills taught in a state-of-the-art molecular laboratory during this week-long commuter camp will help students solve the mystery. Teams will present findings at the conclusion of camp. Exposure to health careers during a hospital tour and biomed exploration through Oklahoma Technology Centers will enhance this unique opportunity.

Contact: Lora Young,, 580.581.2284, Dr. Danyelle Lee,, 580. 591.8009, or download an application at

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology
Emerging and Converging Technologies Summer Academy
June 4-9

Students will apply math and science skills while participating in hands-on lab exercises in seven different programs offered at OSUIT. Participants will have the opportunity to actually go on the job with culinary arts, engineering technologies, visual communications, nursing, information technologies, automotive, and air conditioning/refrigeration graduates. In addition, students experience college life in the dorms. Students will participate in many fun-filled evening activities and investigate the undeniable claim that a college degree will take students where they want to go.

Contact: Angie Been,, Chad Spurlock,, or fax 918.293.4853

Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow
Get Green for Blue: Outdoor STEM Investigations Connecting Water to You
June 5-9

Put on your waders, grab your nets, and let's catch those critters! Working in teams, students will collect and analyze data to solve a water quality mystery. Come to Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow and the Rogers County Outdoor Reserve and be a part of this fun, activity-based STEM adventure!

Contact: Dr. Pamela Christol, 918.449.6539,, or visit

University of Central Oklahoma
Be an Engineer: Change the World
Session 1: June 5-9
Session 2: June 12-16

This academy offers hands-on activities related to engineering design and applications including power generation, electronic instrumentation and structural safety.  Participants will work in teams to complete science activities, design projects and compete with other teams in a series of contests.  Projects range from steam-powered boats and aircraft design to optimizing cost in safely negotiated bridge designs. A UCO engineering student will guide each team, while faculty members will serve as instructors. Students will also experiment with some cutting-edge technologies including printed circuit board (PCB) and 3D printing machines.

Contact: Ronald C. Miller, 405.974.5471,, Abdellah Ait Moussa, 405.974.5293,, or visit



Grades 8-11

Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
Summer Robotics Academy
June 5-9

Ready to make a mess? Ready to discover how things work? Ready to tinker with robotics? Now is the time for students to create their own contraptions, inventions and apparatuses. Students will live and learn on Northeastern State University's campus with this academy that will focus on robotics, Rube Goldbergs, and the relationship to science, technology, engineering and math. Students will also attend college preparation workshops to discuss financial aid, college admission and how to be successful in college. This academy will also provide a follow-up connection for ACT test prep support.

Contact: Robotics Academy of Critical Engagement, 918.444.3739,

The University of Tulsa
Summer Engineering Academy at The University of Tulsa
June 26-30

This academy will teach students about careers in electrical and mechanical engineering through hands-on design projects, interactions with industry professionals and an integrating project that will include mathematical calculation and programming. High school teachers will receive training and assist investigators with activities. Students will present their experiences to their classes and be invited to participate in follow-up activities. Teachers will be supported in implementing academy exercises within their classrooms. The goal of the academy is to attract more Oklahoma students into engineering to meet Oklahoma technical employer needs.

Contact: Peter LoPresti, 918.631.3274,



Grade 8-12

East Central University
Explorations in Computer Science and Robotics
June 11-16

This academy will engage 50 participants in the exciting imagination-stretching, logic-building and fun world of computer science. Students will learn programming in C, explore the endless possibilities of computer science careers and invoke their creativity and problem-solving skills by designing, building and programming autonomous robots. Living in ECU's residence halls with computer science professionals, traversing ECU's beautiful campus alongside students, as well as in-class interaction with computer science majors, will provide the opportunity to experience college life.

Contact: Mary Kay Tarver, 580.559.5593, Stacey Bolin 580.559.5596,, or visit



Grade 9

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
Exploring Math and Science Academy (EMSA) at the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (OUHSC)
June 12-23

This stimulating two-week summer experience is for rising ninth-grade students who wish to explore careers in the health sciences. EMSA will provide hands-on laboratory and classroom activities for students that will enrich their math and science knowledge as it applies to the health sciences. In addition, students will conduct community health projects through field trips around the OUHSC campus. The academy will operate from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. daily.

Contact: Brian Corpening, 405.271.2390,, or visit



Grades 9-10

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Camp TURF (Tomorrow's Undergraduates Realizing the Future)
June 4-16

This academy will provide students with the opportunity to interact with professors and explore a variety of careers in horticulture and landscape architecture, with hands-on activities such as cloning, grafting, filming an Oklahoma Gardening segment for television, making pervious concrete pavers, drawing landscape symbols, building a model residential landscape, assembling irrigation systems and creating dish gardens. Helpful sessions about college admission, financial aid and career aptitudes will be interspersed throughout the academy. Evening and recreational activities are also planned.

Contact: Dr. Shelley Mitchell, 405.744.5755,

University of Oklahoma, Norman
Collaborate, Create, Construct! Innovation Shaping the Built Environment
June 11-16

This academy offers 30 rising ninth- and 10th-grade students an opportunity to explore the disciplines in the University of Oklahoma's College of Architecture. The academy will introduce students to an interdisciplinary study of the built environment by incorporating the disciplines of architecture, interior design and construction science. Program participants will live in university residence halls in order to experience real college life. Students from the College of Architecture will assist the academy students in order to facilitate collaborative interaction with students representing the disciplines associated with the College of Architecture.

Contact: Cassie Eads, 405.325.6897,, or visit

University of Oklahoma, National Weather Center
Oklahoma Mesonet: Mostly Weather With a Chance of Fun
June 18-23

This academy will provide 30 students the opportunity to learn about atmospheric interactions from fronts to thunderstorm development, how data are collected, and how to analyze weather maps. Students will be exposed to meteorology careers including operational forecasters from NOAA's National Weather Service offices, field researchers, television broadcasters and the emergency management community.

Contact: Precollegiate Programs, 405.325.6897,

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
Exploring the Benefits of Human-Animal Interaction and Bonding Processes
June 25-July 1

This academy will use animals as tools to teach scientific concepts, mathematics and enhanced health care for humans. Students will apply their learning through hands-on experiences, workshops and real human-animal interactions by visiting assisted living centers, child care centers, animal shelters, and police and law enforcement working dog demonstrations and by participating in a "reading to dogs" program. Students will develop innovative and creative ways of solving environmental and wildlife issues by observing science in action and applying mathematical concepts during trips to the Oklahoma City Zoo and the Oklahoma Aquarium in Tulsa. Students will learn other therapeutic values of animals and responsibilities of service animals to assist individuals who require mobility support and assistance accessing public facilities.

Contact: Dr. Sherril M. Stone, 580.603.0858,, Dr. Penny Cantley,, or download an application at



Grade 9-11

Tulsa Community College
MASH (Math and Science Health Careers Camp)
Session I: June 12-16
Session II: June 19-23

During this academy, campers will participate in a series of stimulating, hands-on learning activities including experimentation with DNA extraction, blood typing, trauma care and suturing. Students will apply math and science skills used in health careers. MASH Camp provides students the opportunity to make informed decisions about college, play the role of various health care professionals and be provided the tools to take full advantage of their high school education. MASH Camp will be held at the OU-Tulsa Schusterman Center from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. daily. Deadline for application submission is April 21.

Contact: Kelly Brasfield, 918.595.2023,, or apply online at



Grades 9-12

University of Central Oklahoma
CSI Academy
June 1-5

This academy is a bridge program to promote STEM career exploration and college aspiration. The academy will feature an innovative and experiential learning curriculum by serving 36 Oklahoma high school students. Academy participants will have opportunities to interact with crime-fighting professionals. Guided tours will include Edmond Police, Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation and the Forensics Science Institute. Hands-on activities will include crime scene investigations, DNA tests, fingerprints and immersive simulation. Participants will use avatars to role play and interview suspects and to solve modern-day crimes in a virtual detective office.

Contact: Dr. Joselina Cheng,, or visit

Cameron University
NanoExplorers:  A High School Summer Science Academy
June 4-16

This academy will feature participation by 24 highly motivated and talented Oklahoma high school students. The academy will introduce students to those concepts necessary to understand why very small systems exhibit unique behavior.  Students will engage in hands-on activities in imaging and manipulating nanostructures, both "top down" and "bottom up" approaches to making nanostructures and devices based on nanotechnology. The activities will be designed to introduce the concept of nanotechnology and will include applications in chemistry and physics as well as information about career opportunities related to nanotechnology.

Contact: Dr. E. Ann Nalley, 580.581.2889,

Connors State College
Ecological Investigations and Wilderness Adventure
June 11-15

This academy invites students to come and experience nature and college life for themselves. Students will stay in dorms on and each day be transported to the college's outdoor classroom. The classroom is 1,613 acres of lakes, woods, fields and trails. Students will have the opportunity to assist with an endangered species research project, learn from fisheries biologist and fish. Students will enjoy true hands-on learning in biology, ecology, meteorology, archery, entomology, herpetology, athletic training, leadership, agriculture, equine studies, IT, shooting sports and much more.

Contact: Dr. Stuart Woods, 918.684.5475,, or visit

Seminole State College
Peek Into Engineering
July 30-Aug. 4

During this academy, teams of students will design and assemble underwater remote-operated vehicles. Participants will also be exposed to simple electronic circuitry. Exciting activities will expose participants to aerospace, computer, electrical, material, mechanical and bio-engineering.  Field trips will be taken to Oklahoma State University, the University of Central Oklahoma, the University of Oklahoma and an engineering facility (Enviro Systems Inc.). Competitions will be held throughout the academy.

Contact: Jarrod Tollett, 405.382.9217, or visit



Grades 10-12

Langston University
Langston University Intensive Academy for Math, Science, and Technology for Grades 10-12
June 4-17

This two-week academy is for 36 aspiring mathematicians, scientists and engineers. The focus will be on improving students' appreciation for and enrollment in Oklahoma core curricula through intense, positive experiences in mathematics, chemistry, biology, technology, and preparation for success. Oklahoma core curricula, ACT preparation, scholarships, and undergraduate and graduate school matriculation will be addressed. Experiences will incorporate cutting-edge technologies that support hands-on activities and innovative teaching and learning.

Contact: Dr. Alonzo F. Peterson, 405.466.3341,, or visit

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
It's a Polymer Life: Polymers of Everyday Life Summer Academy
July 9-14

This academy offers students the opportunity to make polymers and to measure and understand the properties of polymers and why polymers are used in everyday life from packaging to automobile parts to artificial organs to bulletproof vests. In addition, students will learn in the laboratory about dyeing different types of polymers from natural (cotton) to synthetic (polyester/nylon) and how the polymers' properties affect the dyeing process. Students will also explore the science of baking and experience college life. This is a partnership with OSU College of Arts and Sciences and the Division of Institutional Diversity.

Contact: Dr. Jovette Dew, 405.744.5335,



Grades 11-12

Southwestern Oklahoma State University
Southwestern Summer Science and Mathematics Academy
June 11-23

This academy is designed to give 32 high school juniors and seniors a two-week experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The program is designed to motivate students toward pursuing higher education and careers in STEM disciplines. SSMA will be located on the SWOSU campus with participants living in dormitories, dining in cafeteria, and taking classes in a variety of science content and communication areas. Laboratory, field experiences and team activities will enhance the participants' problem-solving skills. During the second week, participants will be involved in a problem-solving competition.

Contact: Dr. Brian D. Campbell at 580.774.3118,