Summer Academies in Math, Science and Technology


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8th Grade

East Central University, Ada
Molecules of Nature
June 15-19

The Molecules of Nature Summer Academy is a residential camp for 8th and 9th graders, held on the East Central University campus in Ada from June 15 to June 19, 2020. Participants will synthesize molecules that are important in fields such as medicine, food processing and agriculture, learn laboratory safety and perform standard purification techniques, while gaining hands-on experience with modern scientific instruments. Participants will learn about opportunities available to those who pursue college degrees in STEM, and will take a field trip to the Noble Research Institute.
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East Central University, Ada
Explorations in Computer Science & Robotics
June 7-12

ECU's Explorations in Computer Science & Robotics Summer Academy is a one-week residential experience that will engage participants in the exciting imagination-stretching, logic-building and fun world of computer science. Students will learn programming, explore the endless possibilities of computer science careers, interact with professionals and experience college life. Students will invoke their creativity and problem-solving skills in a variety of ways including app, web development, design, building and programming fully autonomous robots.
For more information and to apply, visit or email
Contact: Mary K. Tarver, 580.559.5593 or Matt McGaha, 580.559.5969  

Murray State College, Ardmore & Tishomingo
Exploring Biotechnology
June 22-27 (Ardmore)

July 6-11 (Tishomingo)
Whether your interest in biology is medical, conservation or zoology, and if your interest in technology is programming, building electronics, robotics or the arts there will be something for you in our day camp "Exploring Biotechnology." Besides basic programming and robotics we will use the same robotic manikins the nursing students use, and much more. There will be plenty of fun and friendly STEM design competitions. The final episode will be a full-day guided visit at the interactive Perot Museum in Dallas.
Apply by visiting or contact either Don Loving at 580.319.0323 or Dan Moore at 580.387.7505.

Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
RACE to Space with NASA
June 8-12

Ever wanted to meet with NASA and explore their programs? June 8-12 NASA is touching down at Northeastern State University and they need your help with some of the problems they are experiencing with space transportation, engineering and sustainability. This academy will work with real-world problems and challenges NASA and NSU have been trying to solve. Who knows? Maybe you are destined for a career in one of their science fields. Come find out with us.
Contact: Barbara Fuller at or call 918.444.3739 for an application.

Oral Roberts University, Tulsa
Summer Math and Science Academy
June 8-12

This Academy is a program providing opportunities for developing skills to learn mathematics, science and engineering. Mathematical activities include code breaking cryptology and fractal pattern recognition. Science experiences include field trips, real-world technologies, rocketry and laboratory work where students seek to understand the natural world. The use of problem-solving ideas and projects-based learning integrate these mathematics and science experiences.
Apply by visiting or contact Dr. John Matsson at at Oral Roberts University, School of Engineering, 7777 South Lewis Avenue, Tulsa, OK, 74171 or 918.495.6935

Northeastern State University, Broken Arrow Branch Campus
Get Green for Blue: Outdoor STEM Investigations Connecting Water to You
June 22-26

Put on your waders, grab your net and let's catch those critters! Working in teams, you will learn about water quality through collecting data, analyzing the health of water bodies, and determining possible solutions to water quality problems. This STEM Summer Academy program is funded by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and is open to students entering the 8th through the 10th grades. Come to Northeastern State University in Broken Arrow and the Rogers County Outdoor Education Reserve June 22-26 and be a part of this fun, activity-based STEM adventure!  For more information contact Dr. Pamela Christol, Phone 918-449-6539, email:

Oklahoma State University Institute of Technology, Okmulgee
Emerging and Converging Technologies Academy
July 19-24

Students will apply math and science skills while participating in hands-on lab exercises in seven different programs offered at OSUIT. Participants will have the opportunity to actually go on the job with Culinary Arts, Engineering Technologies, Visual Communications, Nursing, Information Technologies, Automotive and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration graduates. In addition, students will experience college life in the dorms. Students will participate in many fun-filled evening activities and investigate the undeniable claim that a college degree will take students where they want to go.
Contact: Angie Been at or Chad Spurlock at, or fax at 918.293.4853.

University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond
The Engineering Workshop Academy
June 1-5

June 8-12
The University of Central Oklahoma Department of Engineering and Physics will offer the Engineering Workshop Academy for two five-day, non-residential sessions of hands-on activities and science projects that promote intentional play and decision-making. The academy will encourage participants critical thinking skills while promoting diversity and a constructive team climate to stimulate creativity and imagination. Attendees will work in teams to design, build, test, and improve upon their projects to compete with other teams in the fields of aerodynamics, steam power generation, instrumentation and mechatronics. UCO faculty members serve as instructors while engineering students guide each team as participants explore the exciting future of STEM.
Contact: Dr. Abdellah ait moussa at or 405.974.5293.

The University of Oklahoma, Norman
Earth Cycles: The Geology of Carbon, Water and Life
July 12-17

The Earth Cycles: The Geology of Carbon, Water, and Life Academy will afford rising 8th, 9th, and 10th graders a rich experience in human's interactions with geological processes (rock cycle, water cycle and carbon cycle) including energy, will provide critical connections among the STEAM fields and societal issues that they will likely face either in the future careers, or as citizens.
For more information contact: Cassie Eads, Precollegiate Programs at 405.325.6897, email:, visit the website:

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa
The Ultimate Technology, Engineering and Cryptography (U-TEC) Academy
June 28 - July 2

Cryptography, engineering and technology go hand in hand. The University of Tulsa will host its first engineering and cryptography academy this coming summer for students who enjoy solving puzzles, finding solutions to engineering challenges, and are interested in integrating technology in the process. Four field trips are planned, including the tunnels under Tulsa, the Gathering Place and the Central Library Escape Room. Students not only find solutions to puzzles, but create their own. Escape games, cryptography challenges, swimming and other recreation will occur daily.
Interested? Contact: Dr. Brown at 918.631.2719 or at

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa
Technology Education and Collaborative (TEC) Academy
July 6-11

Held at The University of Tulsa, the Technology Education and Collaborative (TEC) Academy is a residential technology academy for students interested in computers and GPS-related technologies. Students will use hand-held GPS receivers for data collection at TU and during field trips, then process the data to create interactive GIS maps. Video will be collected for MovieMaker, chat rooms and journaling will be done with Blackboard, GPS scavenger hunts and geo-caches will use ArcVoyager. Escape games, swimming and other recreation will occur daily as well as many presentations in PowerPoint and Comic Life. Interested?
Contact: Dr. Brown at 918.631.2719 or at

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa
Summer Engineering Academy
July 6-10

The Summer Engineering Academy at The University of Tulsa teaches students about careers in electrical and mechanical engineering through hands-on design projects, interactions with industry professionals, and group activities. Students will experience the engineering design process, including troubleshooting problems and complete design challenges. Many activities center on the design, construction, and applications of an autonomous vehicle including drones, including soldering, sensor systems and machining. Students will present their experiences and be invited to participate in follow-up activities. The goal is to enhance student interest in pursuing engineering as a career.
Contact: Peter LoPresti, 918.631.3274,, or apply online at at the bottom of the page.

University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma, Chickasha
Where Does our Food Come From and How Did it Get There?
July 13-17

July 20-24
Summer Academy "Where does our food come from and how did it get there?" targets students entering 8th or 9th grade interested in STEM topics and food. The Academy will follow the progress of food from the garden to the kitchen to the pantry for a rainy day or any day. Attendees will learn the science behind rising bread, nutrients in food, and the presence of proteins in fish samples. Will also attend trips to local farms and food processing plants. Most of all, go home with all the items made in camp to share with family. Contact: Jeannette M Loutsch at, 405.574.1325, or