Summer Academies in Math, Science and Technology


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12th Grade

Cameron University, Lawton
Engineering and Applied Mathematics Summer Academy
June 6-12

High school students will study and experiment with solar power design by learning about energy harnessing and application through hands on solar power system build and design. Students will utilize a 3-D printer and raw materials to design and construct their solar powered surface submarine or boat.  Following the Engineering Design Process, students will research, design, test, and redesign their solar powered systems. Next, using their newly designed solar powered boats, students will strive to maximize their designs through the redesign process. The final project will include a design competition of the designed systems based on set criteria. As the week ends students will reflect on their team design process and their own personal growth during the academy as they present their week to fellow academy participants, family, faculty, sponsors, industry and the community. 
Please apply online through the Google document link:
Contact: Dr. Sheila Youngblood at

Cameron University, Lawton
NanoExplorers: A High School Summer Science Academy
June 7-12
and June 14-19
Do you want to learn how to build and program an aquatic drone, to lean how DNA is used to solve crimes in Forensics or to learn about the physics of amusement parks?  If so attend NanoExplorers: A High School Summer Science Academy, a ten-day residential STEM academy at Cameron University scheduled for June 7-12 and 14-19, 2020. You will check in Sunday night, June 7 and spend the week learning about nanostructures and nanotechnology. You will visit Frontier City in Oklahoma City Friday, June 12, and meet your parents in Oklahoma City or Lawton and go home for the weekend. You will return Sunday night, June 14 and spend another week building circuits, learning about polymers and how we characterize a stream or lake as an environmental chemist. On Friday, June 14, we will have closing activities which will include power point presentations, an academy quiz bowl, chemical magic shows, preparation of homemade ice cream and academy evaluations. In the evenings you will learn about careers in nanotechnology, participate in social activities including swimming, basketball and Laser Tag. The activities will be designed to introduce the concept of nanotechnology and will include applications in both chemistry and physics as well as information about career opportunities related to nanotechnology.
Contact: Dr. E. Ann Nalley at or 580.581.2889 to apply.

East Central University, Ada
Explorations in Computer Science & Robotics
June 7-12

ECU's Explorations in Computer Science & Robotics Summer Academy is a one-week residential experience that will engage participants in the exciting imagination-stretching, logic-building and fun world of computer science. Students will learn programming, explore the endless possibilities of computer science careers, interact with professionals and experience college life. Students will invoke their creativity and problem-solving skills in a variety of ways including app, web development, design, building and programming fully autonomous robots.
For more information and to apply, visit or email
Contact: Mary K. Tarver, 580.559.5593 or Matt McGaha, 580.559.5969  

Langston University, Langston
Intensive Academy for Math, Science and Technology
May 31 - June 13

Langston University and the Oklahoma State Regents present "An Intensive Summer Academy in Math, Science and Technology for Grades 10-12." This is a two-week residential academy for 36 aspiring mathematicians, scientists and engineers. Our focus will be on improving students' appreciation for and enrollment in Oklahoma core curricula through intense, positive experiences in mathematics, chemistry, biology, technology and Preparation for Success. Oklahoma core curricula, ACT preparation, scholarships, undergraduate and graduate school matriculation are addressed. Experiences will incorporate cutting edge technologies that support hands-on activities, and innovative teaching and learning.
Visit or contact Dr. Alonzo F. Peterson,, 405.466.3419

Northeastern State University, Tahlequah
RACE to Space with NASA
June 8-12

Ever wanted to meet with NASA and explore their programs? June 8-12 NASA is touching down at Northeastern State University and they need your help with some of the problems they are experiencing with space transportation, engineering and sustainability. This academy will work with real-world problems and challenges NASA and NSU have been trying to solve. Who knows? Maybe you are destined for a career in one of their science fields. Come find out with us.
Contact: Barbara Fuller at or call 918.444.3739 for an application.

Oklahoma State University, Stillwater
It's a Polymer Life-Polymers of Everyday Life Summer Academy
July 20-24

Students will make polymers, understand and measure the properties of polymers, and why polymers are used in everyday life from packaging to automobile parts to artificial organs to bulletproof vests. In addition, they will learn in the laboratory dyeing different types of polymers from natural (cotton) to synthetic (polyester/nylon) and how the polymers' properties affect the dyeing process. Students will also explore the science of baking and experience college life in a five-day residential academy.
This is a partnership with OSU College of Arts and the Division of Institutional Diversity.
Contact: Dr. Jovette Dew, 405.744.5335,

Seminole State College, Seminole
Engineering Construction Management
July 26-31

Seminole State College holds the Engineering and Construction Management Residential Summer Academy, beginning July 26th ending July 31st, which targets rising 11th through 12th grade students. Teams of students will build a tiny house. Participants will also be exposed to construction safety. The project will expose participants to aspects of construction management from concept and blueprint reading to physical construction. Field trips will be taken to either OU or OSU, and involve working with architects and builders.
Contact: Jarrod Tollett, 405.382.9217 or

Seminole State College, Seminole
Peek Into Engineering
July 26-31

Seminole State College holds the Peek Into Engineering Residential Summer Academy, beginning July 26th and ending July 31st, which targets rising 9th through 12th grade students. Teams of students will design and assemble underwater remote-operated vehicles. Participants will also be exposed to simple electronic circuitry. Exciting activities will expose participants to aerospace, computer, electrical, material, mechanical and bio-engineering. Field trips will be taken to either OU or OSU, and an engineering facility (Enviro Systems Inc.). Competitions will be held throughout the Academy.
Contact: Jarrod Tollett, 405.382.9217 or

Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford
Summer Science and Mathematics Academy
June 7-19

SSMA is a Summer Academy designed to give 32 high school juniors and seniors a two-week experience in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. This program is designed to motivate students toward pursuing higher education and careers in STEM disciplines. SSMA will be located on the SWOSU campus with participants living in dormitories, dining in the cafeteria, and taking classes in a variety of science content and communication areas. Laboratory and field experiences will enhance the participants' problem-solving skills. During the second week, participants will be involved in a problem-solving competition. Contact: Dr. Brian D. Campbell at 580.774.3118 or

The University of Tulsa, Tulsa
Summer Engineering Academy
July 6-10

The Summer Engineering Academy at The University of Tulsa teaches students about careers in electrical and mechanical engineering through hands-on design projects, interactions with industry professionals, and group activities. Students will experience the engineering design process, including troubleshooting problems and complete design challenges. Many activities center on the design, construction, and applications of an autonomous vehicle including drones, including soldering, sensor systems and machining. Students will present their experiences and be invited to participate in follow-up activities. The goal is to enhance student interest in pursuing engineering as a career.
Contact: Peter LoPresti, 918.631.3274,, or apply online at at the bottom of the page.