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Oklahoma Grants Based on Need

State Grant Programs: Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG)

The Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program (OTAG) is a need-based grant program for Oklahoma residents who attend eligible colleges, universities and career technology centers in Oklahoma. Awards are approved for full-time or part-time undergraduate students.


Application is made through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available through high school counselors, the financial aid office at the college you are planning to attend, or at For best consideration, you should complete and submit the FAFSA to the federal student aid application system as soon as possible after the application becomes available. IT IS IMPORTANT TO APPLY EARLY. Typically, OTAG receives more eligible applications than can be awarded with available funds, and how early a student applies may be the deciding factor in whether that student is offered an OTAG award. For undocumented immigrant students, a special application is available. See "Undocumented Immigrant Eligibility" below.


Financial need is measured by the Expected Family Contribution/Student Aid Index (EFC/SAI), which is determined based on the information the student provides on their FAFSA. The EFC/SAI appears on the Student Aid Report/FAFSA Submission Summary sent to students by the U.S. Department of Education once the FAFSA has been processed. Basic requirements for OTAG include the eligibility to receive a Pell grant in the current academic term. The maximum EFC/SAI eligible to receive OTAG is the maximum EFC/SAI eligible to receive a Pell grant.

Many students meet the basic eligibility requirements; however, funds are limited. State funding is usually finalized around the end of May each year. Eligible institutions are then notified of the amount allocated to each school for the award year. Each institution makes the final selection of recipients on school-determined eligibility requirements and with consideration of the funding level each school is to receive.

Eligibility for Comprehensive Transition and Postsecondary (CTP) Programs

Recent legislation specifically extends Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) eligibility to students enrolled in comprehensive transition and postsecondary (CTP) programs that have been approved by the United States Department of Education.

Eligibility for Prison Education Programs (PEP)

Students who are incarcerated in a state, federal or private correctional facility and enrolled in a Prison Education Program (PEP) structured primarily for virtual learning are not eligible to receive tuition aid grants. However, students who are incarcerated that are enrolled in programs with primarily traditional learning environments may now be eligible if the individual is within five (5) years from being released from incarceration. Incarceration will be defined in accordance with the current definition for federal and Pell grant eligibility.

Undocumented Immigrant Eligibility

Undocumented immigrants meeting certain requirements may be considered for OTAG awards. In general, qualified applicants enrolling in postsecondary education for the first time in 2007-08 and thereafter must:

  • Have graduated from a public or private high school in Oklahoma.
  • Have resided in Oklahoma with a parent or guardian while attending a public or private high school in Oklahoma for at least two years prior to graduation.
  • Satisfy admission standards for the institution.
  • Have provided to the institution a copy of a true and correct application or petition filed with United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to legalize the student's immigration status.

In addition, undocumented students are subject to selection by the school according to the institution's policy.

Undocumented immigrants who have previously received OTAG awards and/or who were enrolled in postsecondary education in 2006-07 or earlier are eligible under the criteria that was in effect in 2006-07. These students should call 405.225.9456 or toll free 800.858.1840 for more information regarding their qualifications. Qualified undocumented immigrant students should complete the Application for Undocumented Immigrantspdf (PDF, 264k), following the directions included on the form regarding completion, and mail directly to the Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program.

Award Amount

Currently, the maximum annual award is the lesser of 75 percent of enrollment costs or up to $1,500 at eligible community college and career technology centers, up to $2,000 at regional universities and up to $3,000 at research universities. Generally, one half of the award is disbursed in the fall semester, and one-half is disbursed in the spring semester. Funds are released to eligible students by campus officials after eligibility has been determined.

For Further Information

See FAQs About Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant (OTAG) or contact:

Oklahoma Tuition Aid Grant Program
P.O. Box 108850
Oklahoma City, OK 73101-8850
Toll-free: 800.858.1840
In Oklahoma City: 405.225.9456


  • Email Support

  • 1-800-GO-TO-XAP (1-800-468-6927)
    From outside the U.S., please call +1 (424) 750-3900


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