Shipping and Receiving Clerk  What They Do

Just the Facts

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Verifies and keeps records on incoming and outgoing shipments. Prepares items for shipment. Duties include assembling, addressing, stamping and shipping merchandise or material; receiving, unpacking, verifying and recording incoming merchandise or material; and arranging for the transportation of products.

This career is part of the Business Management and Administration cluster Administrative Services pathway.

A person in this career:

  • Examines shipment contents and compares with records such as manifests, invoices, or orders to verify accuracy.
  • Records shipment data, such as weight, charges, space availability, damages, or discrepancies for reporting, accounting, or recordkeeping purposes.
  • Prepares documents, such as work orders, bills of lading, or shipping orders, to route materials.
  • Confers or corresponds with establishment representatives to rectify problems, such as damages, shortages, or nonconformance to specifications.
  • Packs, seals, labels, or affixes postage to prepare materials for shipping, using hand tools, power tools, or postage meter.
  • Contacts carrier representatives to make arrangements or to issue instructions for shipping and delivery of materials.
  • Delivers or routes materials to departments using handtruck, conveyor, or sorting bins.
  • Requisitions and stores shipping materials and supplies to maintain inventory of stock.
  • Determines shipping methods, routes, or rates for materials to be shipped.
  • Computes amounts, such as space available, shipping, storage, or demurrage charges, using computer or price list.

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Working Conditions and Physical Demands

People who do this job report that:

  • You would often handle loads up to 10 lbs., sometimes up to 20 lbs. You might do a lot of walking or standing, or you might sit but use your arms and legs to control machines, equipment or tools.
  • Work in this occupation involves use of protective items such as safety shoes, glasses, gloves, hearing protection, a hard hat, or personal flotation devices
  • Work in this occupation involves using your hands to hold, control, and feel objects more than one-third of the time
  • Exposed to hazardous situations involving possible injury such as cuts, bites, stings, and minor burns more than once a month
  • Work in this occupation requires being inside most of the time
  • Sound and noise levels are loud and distracting
  • Work in this occupation involves making repetitive motions more than one-third of the time
  • Work in this occupation involves standing more than one-third of the time
  • Work in this occupation involves walking or running more than one-third of the time

Working in this career involves (physical activities):

  • Seeing clearly up close
  • Speaking clearly enough to be able to be understood by others

Work Hours and Travel

  • Regular working hours and limited travel

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