Office Machine Operator  What They Do

Just the Facts

Office Machine Operators Career Video

Operates one or more of a variety of office machines, such as photocopying, photographic, and duplicating machines, or other office machines.

This career is part of the Business Management and Administration cluster Administrative Services pathway.

A person in this career:

  • Reads job orders to determine the type of work to be done, the quantities to be produced, and the materials needed.
  • Delivers completed work.
  • Places original copies in feed trays, feeds originals into feed rolls, or positions originals on tables beneath camera lenses.
  • Sorts, assembles, and proofs completed work.
  • Operates office machines such as high speed business photocopiers, readers, scanners, addressing machines, stencil-cutting machines, microfilm readers or printers, folding and inserting machines, bursters, and binder machines.
  • Computes prices for services and receives payment, or provides supervisors with billing information.
  • Completes records of production, including work volumes and outputs, materials used, and any backlogs.
  • Sets up and adjusts machines, regulating factors such as speed, ink flow, focus, and number of copies.
  • Loads machines with materials such as blank paper or film.
  • Monitors machine operation, and makes adjustments as necessary to ensure proper operation.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

People who do this job report that:

  • You would often handle loads up to 10 lbs., sometimes up to 20 lbs. You might do a lot of walking or standing, or you might sit but use your arms and legs to control machines, equipment or tools.
  • Work in this occupation requires being inside most of the time
  • Sound and noise levels are loud and distracting
  • Work in this occupation involves standing more than one-third of the time

Working in this career involves (physical activities):

  • Seeing clearly up close

Work Hours and Travel

  • Regular working hours and limited travel

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