Climate Change Analyst  What They Do

Just the Facts

Climate Change Analysts Career Video

Researches and analyzes policy developments related to climate change. Makes climate-related recommendations for action such as legislation, awareness campaigns, or fundraising approaches.

This career is part of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics cluster Science and Mathematics pathway.

A person in this career:

  • Provides analytical support for policy briefs related to renewable energy, energy efficiency, or climate change.
  • Analyzes and distills climate-related research findings to inform legislators, regulatory agencies, or other stakeholders.
  • Prepares study reports, memoranda, briefs, testimonies, or other written materials to inform government or environmental groups on environmental issues such as climate change.
  • Makes legislative recommendations related to climate change or environmental management, based on climate change policies, principles, programs, practices, and processes.
  • Promotes initiatives to mitigate climate change with government or environmental groups.
  • Researches policies, practices, or procedures for climate or environmental management.
  • Reviews existing policies or legislation to identify environmental impacts.
  • Writes reports or academic papers to communicate findings of climate-related studies.
  • Presents climate-related information at public interest, governmental, or other meetings.
  • Gathers and reviews climate-related studies from government agencies, research laboratories, and other organizations.

Working Conditions and Physical Demands

People who do this job report that:

  • You would sit most of the time. There's some walking and standing. You may have to lift and carry things like books, papers or tools weighing 10 lbs. or less.
  • Work in this occupation requires being inside most of the time
  • Work in this occupation involves sitting more than one-third of the time

Working in this career involves (physical activities):

  • Seeing clearly up close
  • Speaking clearly enough to be able to be understood by others
  • Identifying and understanding the speech of another person

Work Hours and Travel

  • Regular working hours and limited travel

Specialty and Similar Careers

Careers that are more detailed or close to this career:

  • Principal Scientist --
  • Research Associate, Policy -- Work may include projects related to mapping and evaluating climate change mitigation policies and projects examining the feasibility of energy transitions away from fossil fuel dependence.
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  • Senior Advisor --
  • Senior Advocate --
  • Senior Associate, Climate and Energy Program -- Contributes to the development of innovative, accurate, timely, and high quality products and services in the energy and climate change markets.
  • Senior Climate Advisor --
  • Senior Policy Analyst -- Provides objective analysis and broad policy and strategic advice.
  • Senior Policy Associate --
  • Staff Climate Scientist --